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These three well known travel companies all have superb deals, especially for family holidays due soon, but often for breaks in a few weeks time too.

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If you are like many families, you are on a tight budget and your dream holiday is still out of reach. That doesn’t have to mean a holiday is completely out of the question, though. There are some easy ways to securea cheap family holidays to fit the needs of your budget. With a little creativity and some extra planning, you can take a cheap family holiday.

Booking Cheap Family Holidays

When booking family holidays, either book way in advance for a cheap family holiday or take advantage of last-minute online deals. Sites like Expedia offer the best deals on airline flights and hotels.

Avoid using a travel agent if you can, because they will tack on their fees to your total price, and be cautious about using package deals. Read the fine print and become familiar with exactly what is and what isn’t included in the deal.

Another way to save on airfares is to take red-eye flights. Look for cheap holiday deals or early morning flights. You can also create cheap holidays by cashing in on free kid’s tickets as some of the airlines offer. A common deal is that one child is free with the purchase of an adult ticket (this goes for some hotels and trains, too).

Taking your holidays outside of peak travel times is also a good way to save money. You won’t find a cheap family holiday during the weeks when school is typically out and resorts and attractions are over-crowded. By planning your family holiday off-season you’ll be able to get the best rates.

Look for alternatives when planning a cheapy holidays. Think outside of the box and look for ways to cut costs. You may be able to travel all or part of your trip by train or by bus to save money. You could stay in a rental house to cut costs. Take advantage of free attractions like beaches, state parks, hiking paths, mountains, etc.

Eating on a Budget

Eating is often the biggest expense while on holiday. Dining out or counting on the hotel to provide an all-inclusive package with catered meals can be very costly. Eating store-bought foods or shopping local markets while on holiday can save your family a ton of money.

Save on Souvenirs

Make a vow to find a special momento from your holidays or to create a book of your holiday experiences. Store-bought souvenirs are not only expensive, but they are also worthless. Most souvenirs have little or no value once you return home and knock out much of the financial advantage of cheap family holidays.

Make a Holidays Budget

Create a budget to makea cheap family holidays a reality. Save money at home before you go on holiday and plan exactly how much you will need to fund your holidays.

Use the internet to search for the best deals on cheap family holidays. Some airlines, hotels, and attraction offer specific internet discounts and printable coupons to save you even more money.

You may not be able to afford a luxury suite or an all-inclusive trip while working with a tight budget, but with creative spending and planning, you can hopefully afford to take your family on cheap holidays.

For 2011 holidays there’s some good bargains to be had, and we hope to bring you more good deals in the coming months for 2012 holidays too.