History of Malta

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Malta has been inhibitated since 5200BC. First by Phoenicians then Greeks. About 1000 AD it was occupied by arabic invasion, which lasted for almost two hundred years and brought many new inventions to the country. The city of Mdina was developed in extensive way in this era.

Since 1194 has kingdom begun. Malta was appendage of Sicily for nearly 440 years. That brought lifestyle turnover. But despites that the ruler has been change there remained quite a numerous muslim segment.

Very important part in Maltese history also have the knights of St. John, they were protecting it for nearly three hundred years and made numerous changes there. Also known as Knights of Malta, they bulit cities, churches and fortification. They also defended Maltese shores against Sultan Suleyman’s siege (known as The Great Siege)

During Napoleon wars it has been captured by Napoleon himself and liberal laws has been given to the citizens. But this illlusion did not last long and soon citizens rebelled. In 1800 with help of British admiral Lord Nelson they ended French conquest at all.

So Malta voluntarily became a part of British empire. This lasted till World War II. Valletta was the headquarters of the Royal navy’s fleet. Because of it was British colony near axis territory, it was often bombarded. On the other site it was used as radio listening outpost. Listening to German radio messages. After the World War II there were attemts to integrate Malta to British empire.

In 1964 Malta gained indipendence, in 1974 the republic has been established and last British forces dismissed from Malta in 1979. Referendum on membership in 2003 casted a valid vote of which majority were yes for the EU. Malta joined EU thereafter on 1st January 2008.