We could see some previous shows by Clockwork Ensemble (Alex Spiteri-Gingell and Maria Pia Meli) on Malta, nevertheless this time the object of their amazing and quite weird dramatization is Maltese history. If you decide to visit this strange show you can be either delighted or disappointed. Many regular historicians, especialy Maltese historicians can spend wonderful evening watching this show so why not anyone else? The plot is based on found tape with historical milestones. The weird element is here presented by aliens. They are aliens who found this very tape and who guide us through the Maltese history and in the end through the whole show. Names of the main characters will be familiar even for turists. We should be prepared to see quite a decent madness when we decide to enjoy this show. Nevertheless in the background of those terrible deeds lies humor. This could be the dealbreaker for usual turist. You do not have to know all the history, you do not have to get all the relations and you can still have great fun. The play is made for everyone.

Photo by Stephen Buhagiar. Source: http://www.maltatoday.com.mt.