An Evening of Chamber Music
Date: 6th March
Program: Hindemith’s, Beethoven’s and Franck’s works presented by Gerard Caussé (viola) and Felipe Ribeiro Pinto (piano) in Manoel Theatre

Date: 10th March
A Flamenco group from the heart of Seville show you art full of energy and emotion.
Place: Manoel Theatre, Valletta

Film Screening – Flower
Date: 15th March
Place: China Cultural Centre, Melita Street, Valletta

Il Trovatore
Date: 15th – 18th March
This Opera (by Giuseppe Verdi) stage-directed by Jana Andelova Pletichova is taking place here again thanks to last year’s success.
You can see this art in Manoel Theatre in Valletta.
Ticket or more info:
Seer il-Punent Festival
Date: 16th – 18th March
This festival is organized by Gharb Local Council. It gather old and new traditions, dance and food. The point of all this is that this small locality wants to share their history, heritage and traditions with rest of the country.
Place: Gharb, Gozo

Romeo and Juliet Forever
Date: 16th – 18th March
This art is a musical. It takes 90 minutes and you can see young actors inspired from Glee (TV serial). You will probably see a lot of pop pieces from different eras, which will be mixed together. Live band also can’t miss. There will be about 25 actors.
Place: St. Agatha’s Auditorium, Rabat

Spring Equinox
Date: 20th March
Know the Spring Equinox from Mnajdra Temples. You can buy tickets for €15 per person and €10 for Malta heritage members. It includes Hagar Qim tour and Visitor Centre access.

A Night of Ethnic Music
Date: 21st March
There will be an original pieces by Carlo Rizzo free for seeing. Thanks to three virtuoso: Carlo Rizzo (percussion and voice), Norbert Pignol (accordion) and Michael Mandel (clarinet) you will be able to see-hear a great experience.
Place: Manoel Theatre, Valletta

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
Date: 23rd March
Two performances for two pianos by Harl McDonald and Malcolm Arnold.
Place: Manoel Theatre, Valletta

Date: 23rd – 25th March, 1st April
This play is written by Simone Spiteri and the main actors are Peter Galea, Stefan Farrugia, Coryse Borg and Simone Spiteri. This play, directed by Chris Gatt is about a problem we all know. Suddenly you are on a cross and you must choose between two paths. Now comes that question:  stay or move?… Come and see this play about normal people, their fears and impules…
Place: St.James Cavalier

Anime Coir Shows
Date: 24th – 25th March
Place: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta

Good Friday Exhibition
Date: 28th – 6th April
Place: Ghaqda Kazin Banda San Filep, Haz-Zebbug

Freedom Day
Date: 31st March
Vittoriosa – 10.00 hours
Grand Harbor – 14.00 hours