Timesofmalta recently published very inspiring article. We have already written quite a lot about Maltese food, top restaurants and places where you can eat cheap etc. However we may put ourselves simple and interesting question, what is a favorite cuisine in Malta? What does Maltese prefer? In this article we will break down 2 famous Maltese chefs. They are both working in prominent Maltese restaurants. Let us see their tastes! First one of our examined objects, Andrew is a lover of vegetables. He owns a great restaurant in Valletta called the black pig. He managed to start there with precious standard and he is hunting the best vegetable and meat pieces even from far distances. For example this year he is utterly looking forward to Jerusalem Artichokes. According to Andrew, vegetables are not good only as a complement of meet!

Roberto Soares is another Maltese chef we are interested in. He was studying in Brazil and he somehow found his way to cooking there. He also visited Italy. Italy was a place where he was charmed at all. He loves Italian cuisine. He described Sicilian market place as one of the most beautiful places he knows.  Links with home Brazil has not been broken though, the best place to eat according to Roberto is his grandmother’s house.