Di-ve.com has published interesting article about holiday weight gaining. They focused mainly on their own region – Mediterrenean. Malta is no exception and their cusine is quite same. So what are the statistics? Average turist without any special eating habits and giving up any particular selection of food in the hotel is taking away from holiday over two pounds of new weight. That is quite a lot! If we take in consideration that most of the turists do not last there over ten days. Little counting give us a clue about that. Either the food has way too much energy or people are overeating during holiday. Actually, most of the times both happens. This is a sad fact, it means that many of us go on holiday because of food and overall health results are negative. So why is that? Why travelers gain more weight here than in US? Because it is very cheap after all and you got no activite here most of the time. So if you do not want to have such experience you should choose your food carefully and have at least some physical activity! Swimming, diving or running can be good alternative. But be careful about that! All these activities should be done in the early morning or late evening because of the high temperatures during hot days.